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It is essential to your family’s health that your basement is kept dry and the air quality is safe. Weather conditions, poor foundation building materials, inadequate labor techniques, and other outside factors can cause severe water leaks in your basement. Installing a basement waterproofing system prevents water damage from ruining your home and personal belongings and causing other structural damage. Doing so can help preserve the structural integrity of your home and prevent future problems.

Our team at First Choice Waterproofing offers professional basement waterproofing services for homeowners across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. We specialize in fixing flooded and leaky basements and solving the causes of those leaks at the source.

Why Choose Us As your Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Basement Waterproofing

Our team at First Choice Waterproofing strives to provide every customer with a 100% satisfactory basement waterproofing experience. We install state-of-the-art basement drainage systems and sump pump systems to help mitigate basement leaks and keep water out of your basement. Our team has been helping homes and businesses in Matawan, Marlboro, New Brunswick, Millstone, Newark, Trenton, Ashbury Park, and other areas in New Jersey fix leaky foundations, bowed foundation walls, and water seepage for over 30 years. We should be your First Choice when you need a trusted basement waterproofing contractor in New Jersey.

Common Basement Problems

There are many ways water can enter your basement, and we have proven basement waterproofing solutions for all of them. If you would like to have one of our expert waterproofing contractors inspect your basement, contact us to schedule a consultation. See below to see if you can identify any of the most common basement waterproofing problems in New Jersey homes.

Foundation cracks are a severe basement waterproofing issue, and leaky foundation cracks can cause damage to your home and anything you have stored in your basement. Our team at First Choice Waterproofing has seen foundation cracks in all shapes and sizes in New Jersey homes. The good news is that we have the experience and products needed to fix foundation cracks. We solve this problem by implementing a wall crack repair method to seal the crack and prevent it from getting larger.

Have Leaky Wall Cracks?

Another common basement waterproofing problem is cove joint seepage. The cove joint is where your foundation walls meet your basement floor. During heavy rainstorms, the water table around your home begins to rise, which causes hydrostatic pressure. As this pressure builds, it can force water through the cove joint. It will typically stop after rainstorms making it challenging to identify where the water entered your basement. When water enters this part of your home, the best solution is to install an interior drainage system that collects the water and sends it to a sump pump for removal.

Have Joint Seepage?

The heart of any basement waterproofing system is the sump pump. If you have a sump pump installed in your basement, its primary job is to keep water flowing away from your home. The drain tile and other drainage systems will back up when your sump pump fails. This failure can result in several inches of water in your basement. You must regularly check that your sump pump is working during heavy rainstorms. If you suspect issues with your sump pump, contact our basement waterproofing experts at First Choice Waterproofing immediately.

Have Sump Pump Issues?

Many homes in New Jersey and southern parts of Pennsylvania and New York have foundation walls constructed with cinder blocks, bricks, or even stones. Masonry foundations pose more of a challenge for keeping your basement dry. This is because the walls are not solid and are instead constructed using mortar to hold the individual blocks in place. Over time the mortar between these bricks will deteriorate, causing water leaks and cracks in your foundation wall. These foundations are also susceptible to structural problems like bowed walls, which can let water into your basement.

Have Leaky Mortar Joints?

Windows can be a great way to allow natural sunlight to brighten your basement; in some cases, they may even be required for egress if your basement is used as a living space. However, they quickly become an issue when they fill up with water and cause water seepage in your basement. Window wells are not designed to act like a fish tank; the windows often need to be sealed to hold water. Our main solution for window well leaks is to check that the well is covered correctly and install an interior basement drainage system to capture water from the window and remove it from your basement.

Have Window Leaks?

Our team sees a lot of questions from homeowners wanting to know what this common basement problem is and what causes it to show up. Efflorescence is caused by mineral buildup on the interior walls of your foundation. Efflorescence presents itself as layers of white or flaky deposits on your walls. Because cement is porous, it absorbs moisture and minerals from the soil surrounding your home. As the water is released from the concrete, it leaves small deposits of minerals on your basement walls. The only real solution to this problem is to eliminate the source of the moisture buildup in the soil around your home. This can be done with an interior drainage system that collects and expels water from the soil around your home further away.

Have Efflorescence?

Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions and process

Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions and process

Waterproofing At First Choice Waterproofing, our interior basement waterproofing system capture any water entering your basement or crawl space before it becomes a bigger problem.

First Choice Waterproofing uses high-quality products and demonstrates excellent service. We offer hassle-free scheduling, competitive rates, and FREE FOUNDATION INSPECTIONS to determine the best solution for each situation. Our free basement waterproofing estimates are more than a simple suggestion for a repair – our waterproofing experts take the time to explain the different options and answer your questions. You can count on our team for:

  • Expert evaluation of your problem(s)
  • Efficient and effective project completion
  • Punctual and professional staff
  • High-quality work

Basement Drainage Systems

A basement drainage system is a must-have if you plan to finish your basement. Having our team design and install a basement waterproofing system will ensure that the location where water enters your home is the focus. This way, we can properly collect, control, divert, and remove the water entering your basement.

Wall Crack Repair

Whether the cracks in your walls are inside the basement or outside the foundation, we have a repair solution that can seal the crack and prevent it from growing larger. Our wall crack repair solutions will permanently fix and strengthen your foundation walls.

Bowed Wall Repair

Bowed walls allow water into your basement by causing cracks and reducing the effectiveness of the barrier between your basement and the soil surrounding your home. Our bowed wall repair methods will help you keep water out of your basement and strengthen your foundation walls.

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If you have any above problems, don’t hesitate to contact our basement waterproofing experts. We provide free inspections and basement waterproofing estimates for home and business owners in Matawan, Marlboro, New Brunswick, Millstone, Newark, Trenton, Ashbury Park, and other New Jersey areas, Pennsylvania, and Parts of New York. Schedule a free estimate by calling 732-430-2026 or filling out our online contact form.

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