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Professional Bowed Wall Repair Services

Over time, homeowners may notice their foundation walls gradually becoming bowed, tilted, or leaning inwards. Bowed walls are a critical concern because the foundation walls cannot support the structure above ground. Once a foundation wall begins to curve, it can lead to structural damage, including a collapsed foundation wall.

At First Choice Waterproofing, we have the appropriate and practical techniques to repair a bowed wall before it is too late. We recommend contacting our professional team if there are noticeable signs of bowed foundation walls to help save your home and wallet. Bowed foundation walls can cause extensive structural damage and expensive repair costs. Contact our experts today to fix your bowed walls immediately.


Generally, hydrostatic pressure is the primary cause of foundation cracks and bowed foundation walls in basements. The excess water surrounding the foundation adds force to the soil, which causes the foundation to shift and settle. Although brick, block, and concrete foundation walls are sturdy, the pressure is too powerful and causes the walls to bow, tilt, or lean inwards.

Homeowners should check their foundation walls annually to watch for visible cracks or curving walls.

Our Bowed Wall Repair Solutions

Benefits of Using Carbon Fiber for Bowed Wall Repair


Carbon fiber strapping is commonly used to fix bowing basement walls in New Jersey. This carbon fiber is designed to seal, strengthen, and stabilize foundation walls. If your bowed or leaning basement wall has cracks, the carbon fiber and epoxy will be able to stop the problem from getting worse.

Additional Benefits:

  • Aesthetic Appeal – No intrusive brackets or anchors
  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick to Install.
  • 25-Year Transferable Warranty.
  • Top bracket ties to joists for ultra-secure connection.
  • Strongest bottom bracket connection in the industry.
  • The 8-Inch Wide Strap allows spacing up to 6 Feet.
  • Best-in-class performance against shear forces

Other Uses for Carbon Fiber Repairs:

Our team at First Choice Waterproofing also uses carbon fiber strips to seal and prevent foundation wall cracks and repair corner deterioration in basements. Sealing foundation cracks prevents water intrusion in your basement and keeps foundation cracks from spreading further.

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If you notice bowed foundation walls in your home, contact our team at First Choice Waterproofing. We can schedule a FREE bowed wall repair inspection and estimate for your home in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and the surrounding areas. Schedule your appointment today by calling 732-430-2026 or filling out our online contact form to have our bowed wall repair experts contact you.