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Homeowners must be aware of foundation issues to prevent extensive structural damage to their homes. Foundations must be sturdy and level to support a strong structure above the foundation. Cracks in your basement walls or floors may indicate a larger problem, such as foundation settlement, and require immediate professional attention. Foundation settlement occurs when surrounding soil shifts and causes the foundation to settle or sink from its original placement. It is crucial to maintain your home’s foundation to prevent severe damage and structural problems.

At First Choice Waterproofing, our experts have the training and experience to assess the foundation damage, plan a solution, and execute professional and effective results. Contact First Choice Waterproofing today for a free foundation inspection.


Over time, foundations become less reliable due to weather conditions, weak building materials, and inadequate labor techniques. These issues do not resolve on their own and generally cause more significant damage without repairs.

Hydrostatic pressure is another primary factor in foundation settlement and sinking. Excess water in the soil surrounding a home adds force to the foundation walls and causes them to become unstable, crack, or collapse. These issues can cause structural damage and initiate foundation cracks allowing seepage to enter the lower level. We recommend our customers invest in basement waterproofing services to ensure seepage and, eventually water damage does not harm their home and valuables.

Foundation settlement or sinking requires immediate professional attention. The spiraling effects of foundation settlement can create an unlivable home and expensive repair services. Homeowners need to watch for common signs of foundation issues, including:

  • Cracks in Foundation Wall and Floors
  • Visible Water Marks on Walls
  • Water Seepage
  • Crooked, Non-Functioning Windows and Doors

Contact our foundation repair experts to learn more about foundation settlement warning signs. If these issues are present in your home, First Choice Waterproofing can schedule an inspection immediately to help you with a solution.

Our Foundation Repair Process

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