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The foundation of your home helps to support its weight. Failure to take care of the problem quickly can cause it to escalate and cause more damage to your home. Common foundation issues include foundation settlement, bowed foundation walls, foundation cracks, and leaky foundation walls. Prompt action is needed whenever you have foundation issues.

We use trusted foundation repair techniques and systems, including wall anchors, foundation piers, wall crack repair methods, and basement waterproofing systems. A structural foundation problem can only worsen and eventually lead to major repairs such as total foundation replacement, broken utility lines, drywall replacement, and more.

Our team at First Choice Waterproofing provides professional foundation repair services for homeowners in New Jersey, southern parts of Pennsylvania, and New York. We specialize in structural foundation repair services for bowed walls and waterproofing services for leaky foundations. If you have foundation problems, we should be your First Choice.

Why Choose Us as Your Foundation Repair Contractor

Our team at First Choice Waterproofing strives to provide a 100% satisfactory customer experience with every foundation repair and waterproofing project. We use the latest foundation repair solutions and have years of experience working with homeowners in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and the surrounding areas. We have your back when it comes to solving your foundation repair problems. Whether you are facing wall cracks, foundation settlement, foundation leaks, or bowed foundation walls, we can help. Trust our foundation repair experts to keep your foundation stable.

Common Foundation Problems in New Jersey

When it comes to foundation problems, there are some things we know to look for that are obvious signs something is wrong with your home. Please look at the following list of potential foundation problems you could have. If you want our foundation repair experts to inspect your foundation, contact us by calling 732-430-2026 or filling out our online contact form.

A common sign of a foundation settlement problem can be cracks that have formed in your brickwork or caulking. Cracks on brickwork are more prominent and show up as stairstep cracks, while cracks on caulking around windows and doors may be less noticeable. If you have noticed these cracks forming or have had them fixed previously, it could mean that your foundation walls have begun to sink or shift. This is a sign of foundation settlement; you should immediately contact our foundation repair experts at First Choice Waterproofing for an inspection.

Have Wall Cracks?

Offset or uneven cracks in your foundation wall are common signs of an underlying structural problem with your foundation. Several factors cause these cracks, including hydrostatic pressure and foundation settlement. Offset cracks are generally proof that your walls have moved, and your foundation should be inspected by a trained professional. Our team usually uses bowed wall repair techniques to fix foundation wall cracks that are offset.

Have Foundation Cracks?

There are many reasons why cracks form in your walls or ceilings. We become concerned when there are large cracks or entire wall cracks on the main level of your home. If you have noticed cracks in your drywall on the main floor, it is a sign that your home is settling and you need foundation repair immediately. If left untreated, your home could become unlivable and structurally unsafe.

Have Ceiling Cracks?

Sticky Doors or Windows

Doors and windows aren’t meant to stick when opening or shutting. Sticky windows and doors are a sign that the frame has become uneven. This is caused by foundation settlement; as the home becomes unstable, the window frames and door jambs will tighten, causing hard-to-open windows and doors. These problems are repaired with one of our foundation repair methods.

Chimney Settlement

Chimney settlement occurs when the base of your chimney is unstable. It will appear as if your chimney is pulling away from your home and can be easily spotted outside. A settling chimney can be a severe hazard to anyone on your property. If you have noticed chimney settlement, contact our experts immediately.

Bowed or leaning basement walls are a common sign of foundation failure for New Jersey Homes. Left untreated, bowed walls can collapse inward due to excess pressure from the soil outside your home. This will cause thousands more in damage than installing a bowed wall repair system. If your basement or foundation walls are leaning or bowed, you need a professional foundation inspection immediately.

Have Bowed Walls?

Our Foundation Repair Process

Our Foundation Repair Process

We use the highest quality products and best performing services to repair the foundation issues and ensure no further damage. First Choice Waterproofing Foundation Specialists determine the best repair solutions based on the following:

  • Basement or Crawl Space
  • Foundation Building Material (Poured Concrete, Brick, Blocks, Wood, Stone, or Other)
  • Outside Environment and Climate
  • Previous Labor Techniques
  • And More.

Our experts will provide a foundation repair solution for your property that suits your needs. From the free consultation to the end, First Choice Waterproofing will walk homeowners through every step and provide clear, detailed explanations for our methods. Trust us for your foundation repair needs.

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Contact our foundation repair experts today at 732-430-2026 for your FREE INSPECTION. Our Foundation Repair Specialists will evaluate the situation and determine the best plan of action to repair your foundation and make your home safe. First Choice Waterproofing works professionally and promptly and provides excellent service. We take care of foundation repair issues to give homeowners peace of mind and a livable home.

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