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Sump Pump Installation, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

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A home sump pump system works directly with a waterproofing system to prevent water and moisture from entering the basement. The system channels excess water through the perimeter drainage system to the sump pump basin. Once in the basin, it is pumped out of your basement and away from your property. First Choice Waterproofing installs basement sump pumps as a crucial piece to a home’s waterproofing system.

A perimeter drainage system installed in your home with a sump pump is the main defense against basement flooding. You can only count on your basement to stay dry with a powerful, reliable sump pump. Water damage in the basement can cause extensive structural damage and ruin personal items, which becomes a costly repair project for homeowners.

Having a dependable sump pump is crucial to protect your home during all weather conditions. Inadequate sump pump installations can cause significant basement flooding and damage your home. If you live in New Jersey, rely on First Choice Waterproofing to install a powerful, trustworthy sump pump system in your home.

Why Should You Install a Sump Pump System?

Installing a sump pump system in your basement is the best way to prevent water leaks and basement water seepage. Our team at First Choice Waterproofing installs sump pumps as part of our interior basement drainage systems for homeowners in New Jersey to keep water from damaging your personal belongings and your home.

Our Sump Pump System

Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions and process


First Choice Waterproofing uses the market’s highest-quality and most reliable sump pump systems. Our specialized sump pump sits in a rugged, heavy-duty polyethylene liner that will not crack or cave in. An exclusive “pump ring” on the liner’s floor keeps the pump centered. We take pride in our sump pump system products and installation process because of specialized features, including:

  • Eliminates odors and smells
  • Polycarbonate see-through lid
  • Hinged lid for easy pump access
  • Corrosion and moisture resistant
  • Radon sealed to contain radon gases

What are the Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump in Your Basement?

Now that you know about our sump pump systems and why you should install a sump pump, you might be wondering: What are the benefits of installing a sump pump?

New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania receive 40-50 inches of rain per year. Heavy rain can cause a myriad of basement waterproofing issues in a short amount of time. These issues include basement leaks, cove joint seepage, foundation wall cracks, and bowed foundation walls. This is where sump pumps can be a huge help. Sump pumps detect high water levels in your drainage system and evacuate water from your home. When properly installed with a basement drainage system, they can keep all the water around your home from entering your basement. While they can be expensive to install, they give you peace of mind that your basement will stay dry no matter the weather conditions.

Most foundation cracks are caused by excess hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure on your foundation from groundwater buildup. As the water in the soil builds up, it exerts enormous pressure on your foundation walls, causing bowed walls, wall cracks, and water seepage in your basement. This is where a sump pump can help prevent foundation cracks. Because sump pumps and interior drainage systems are designed to remove excess water from the soil around your home, the hydrostatic pressure exerted on your foundation walls is much less. This prevents cracking and removes the excess pressure on your foundation.

One of the most significant causes of damage in basements is high humidity levels. They can cause mold and mildew growth on your basement’s wood, cardboard, and other soft materials. Keeping excess moisture out of your basement reduces the overall humidity levels, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth in your home.

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